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Our Love for Landscaping

Committed to Bringing Your Ideas to Life

As a household of 3 boys, our family never had a shortage of help when it came to yard work. But what was once a household chore turned into a hobby; one that came with the satisfaction of a job well done and pride in a great looking lawn. It wasn’t long until we asked ourselves: how can we turn this hobby into a side-hustle? It was then, that the seed for our family business was planted.


Our side-hustle has since turned into a budding business: Koziol Landscaping. Through our local landscaping services, we strive to help others in our community feel that same sense of satisfaction and pride in their own property. We proudly serve throughout the southern Pennsylvania and northern Delaware region to foster genuine relationships with our clients. We stay true to our core values of integrity, professionalism, and passion as we cover a variety of outdoor projects.


From outdoor living areas, to home exterior, hardscaping services and beyond, our main goal at Koziol Landscaping is to provide clients with meticulously manicured lawns and a positive experience.

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